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You Can Reach Him via Smoke Signal: A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Account management is a complicated, yet necessary part of every advertising agency.

You Can Reach Him via Smoke Signal: A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Posted Thursday June 04th, 2015 by in Fun + Personal.

Account management is a complicated (yet critical) part of every advertising agency. To understand what account management is, you need to understand the pivotal role of an Account Manager. Account Managers are the liaisons between an advertising agency’s clients and the agency itself. Their jobs are to communicate with clients, organize the different parts of the project, and make sure that those parts are completed in accordance with the client’s wishes. Account managers must be knowledgeable about all aspects of business, have strong interpersonal skills, have strong communications skills, and be extremely organized.

An average day for an account manager can be very different depending on the day. In the morning, an account manager walks into the office prepared for a busy day. He sits down at his desk and turns on his computer (likely with dual screens) to ensure that his/her email up is always in sight, no matter what. His phone is on with the volume turned all the way up, so he/she can hear it ring from anywhere in the office. They check their calendars to see how many meetings need to be attended throughout the day before visiting the different departments for updates. They are always completely in the loop while staying on top of the statuses of each project.

Different employees are constantly in and out of their offices, handing off rough drafts of written copy and ad designs. They sit down at their desks and go through every piece with highly detail-oriented eyes. They make sure that everything the client wants and needs is found within these various project pieces, which the departments are delivering to them – on time and on budget. The rest of the team is well aware that their phones are constantly ringing, with emails always flooding their inbox. New items will always need to be completed, revisions will always need to be made, and questions regarding the progress of each project will always be asked. They are constantly being contacted, and in turn, contacting clients, to make sure they know the latest and are fully comfortable with the direction of the project. At the end of the day, they gets to shut down their laptops and head home… which simply ends the “9 to 5” portion of their in-office workday. However, the job is NEVER really done for the resident, “on call” team member.


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