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Apple Watch: The Newest Apple Invention

One of the most anticipated items in tech this month is the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: The Newest Apple Invention

Posted Thursday May 14th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

One of the most anticipated items in tech this month is the Apple Watch. Apple has decided to throw their hat into the ring with Samsung and others on what they feel is the ultimate piece in wearable technology. The Apple Watch will be one of the many Apple products that work cohesively with each other. If you get a call on your phone, it sends it right to your Watch, laptop, and iPad in order to maximize consumer efficiency. Ever since Apple unveiled the Watch in September, there have been many businesses that have reached out to become part of their new product in various ways. A big company to invest in the Apple Watch is Tesla. Tesla came up with an app for the Apple Watch, which displays the charge of your Tesla automobile, tells you whether your car is locked or unlocked, can locate your vehicle via a panic button, and will even be a GPS system.

Besides having technology for your automobile, Apple has been known to use this Watch for health purposes. In February it was announced that an app would be coming out that will help diabetics track their glucose levels, so if there is a decrease, they can take care of it accordingly. In addition to this big move, there will be apps that will check your health by giving you the ability to track weight, diet, and exercising trends. If launched correctly, this will change the health field because the Watch can be used as a heart monitor, glucose level detector, and lots of other possibilities health companies can create. Apple has taken advantage of their health app launched under iOS 8 to help people change their diets, track their exercise levels, and prevent them from sitting too long. Now, this app will be optimized under the Watch and will take it to the next level.


This Watch will change how we perceive wearable technology, and in the coming months, we will see if this is just a trend or a true large-scale technological movement. If this product succeeds, consumers can expect many companies to begin advertising and become part of the wearable technology market. These products are great for marketing because it is literally attached to the consumer’s body, which gives businesses the ability to send ads to your Watch–and you will get them in live, in real time. This is just the beginning for wearable technology, and we are excited to see what other opportunities it will bring in the future.


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