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Snapchat in Marketing

One of the largest smartphone applications to gain ground in the past 3 years is Snapchat. The basis of the app is quite simple: people who

Snapchat in Marketing

Posted Wednesday June 10th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

One of the largest smartphone applications to gain ground in the past 3 years is Snapchat. The basis of the app is quite simple: people who are friends in the app can send pictures to each other, and then after a few seconds, those pictures disappear forever. This has become a huge social media platform because, as we know from many of the other platforms, people like to broadcast their newest and biggest happenings. At first, people particularly liked the way this seemed to allow “sneakiness” as they could just send whatever they wanted to a specific few and fear no consequence of their photo ever getting out to the public. Now you can create “stories” using a string of “snaps” you put together to create a narrative which will last for 24 hours, so people get even more of a glimpse into the exciting life you wish to share.

A way companies are using this app to their advantage is the “discover” portion that Snapchat added to its arsenal. Once you sign into the app and swipe to the left you will see 12 buttons resembling news companies ranging from CNN to Comedy Central. This is a brilliant move by Snapchat to help bring in further revenue and increase their brand worth. Once you click the button, each company gives you 10-second snippets on the top news. It’s a way to get people interested in different news sources. Another great way companies are utilizing the exposure power from these so-called snippets is to include a mini story–and ultimately campaign–about themselves. This can be done for any industry and can be seen as almost like a very short commercial.

The next big move Snapchat could do is expand the “discover” portion and change the news source every day so that people are seeing different content all the time. To that end, if a company starts advertising on Snapchat, just imagine how much exposure it could give them. There are countless new members daily, logging on and trying to keep up with all that is happening in the world–or even just within their closer circle of friends (which would in turn still lead them to other connections from theircircles of friends… see our point? Never-ending possibilities). A new platform is yet another chance to gain a large fan base, so consider letting Snapchat promote and get your business further “in the loop.”


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