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Meerkat vs. Periscope: Live Streaming

Social media is proudly introducing Meerkat and Periscope; two new up-and-coming live streaming social media apps; but which one should you

Meerkat vs. Periscope: Live Streaming

Posted Wednesday May 06th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

Social media has it all. From Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, to Snapchat, users can share their thoughts, photos, ideas and more. Just when we thought that there was nothing else to share, social media strikes again.

Social media is proudly introducing Meerkatand Periscope: two new up-and-coming live streaming social media apps associated with Twitter. Which one should you choose?

Both apps allow users to live stream videos of their lives whenever and wherever they are. From a wild concert to a casual stroll in the park, users can broadcast a live video so their followers can be a part of every experience. Viewers can interact with the live feed by commenting, liking, and re-streaming the post, depending on which app they choose.

Being such similar apps, it can be difficult to decide which one is better suited for you. Read the features of each live streaming app below to help you decide.

Meerkat Features:

  • Once a user clicks the stream button, a live stream immediately starts.
  • The live stream is automatically posted to a user’s Twitter feed.
  • All the user’s followers can watch the Meerkat stream via Twitter.
  • Users can schedule when they’re going to live stream and notify their followers.
  • Watchers can re-stream, like, and comment on a user’s live videos.

Periscope Features:

  • Users can choose if their live stream gets posted to Twitter, or just on the Periscope live feed.
  • Users can choose who sees their live stream.
  • There is a replay option for viewers.
  • Viewers can “comment” on or “like” a user’s live stream and interact via the Periscope app.
  • Users can title their live streams.
  • There’s a “Global” feed and a feed for people that users are following.

Still not convinced? Try both and see which app live streams your life best!


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