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Intern Chronicles: 8 Things I Learned At My Internship At GEM

Internships are to help you learn and advance your skills, but it’s also important to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun

Intern Chronicles: 8 Things I Learned At My Internship At GEM

Posted Wednesday April 29th, 2015 by in Fun + Personal.

1. Blogging
Although blogging is something personal, there are also techniques that are applied to a proper blog. At GEM I learned that a blog should be about 300-500 words long; a length that keeps a reader’s attention throughout. Blogs should include images, and the amount of images depends on the type of blog you’re creating. When blogging, editing is key; nothing is ever perfect the first time around.

2. Know a Client’s Voice
Different clients require different “voices” when posting on their social media pages. All companies have a specific tone and feel, so when you’re posting you have to make sure your writing in the “style” of that particular company.

3. Hashtags are Important
On Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram, it’s important to use hashtags. Users often search different hashtags and this can lead them directly to a client’s site and help them gain viewers, followers, and customers. It’s important to research which hashtags are searched most often and use those that are going to get the most “searches.”

4. Be Friendly
Coming in to work is much more fun and comfortable when you get to know the people you’re working with. It’s important to make connections and get to know the people around you, plus that means more connections for the future. It’s also important to stay in touch and ask how people are doing every once in a while.

5. Research
Whether you’re blogging or writing social media posts, you have to do research on the topic. It’s important to be well informed on what you’re writing about so you’re able to create the best and most knowledgeable product.

6. Listen
When you’re an intern, a lot of things are new and can often be overwhelming. Take the time to listen to what the people you’re working with have to say; they know a lot more than you do and can teach you so much. Pay attention and take their advice, it will only help you.

7. Always Ask
There is always something you can be doing, so if you run out of tasks for the day, ask what else you can do. The interns that stand out are the ones who go above and beyond. The more you do, the more you learn, and the better employee you become. Never settle for the bare minimum, keep asking what else you can do to help out and what else you can learn.

8. Have Fun
Internships are to help you learn and advance your skills. Although it’s important to take your work seriously, it’s also just as important to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun. Always keep a positive attitude and know that the work you’re doing now is helping you prepare for the future.


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