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5 Mobile Advertising Trends That We Will Be Seeing In The Future

It is important to be aware of these five mobile advertising trends, as they will be making headlines in the future within the industry.

5 Mobile Advertising Trends That We Will Be Seeing In The Future

Posted Friday April 17th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

The mobile advertising world is expected to evolve and grow at a fast pace in the upcoming years, as technology for mobile advertising continues to become more advanced. Mobile advertising creates an important link between consumers and brands, and these five future trends will greatly shape the way that mobile advertising interacts with target consumers.

  1. Mobile Ads with Deep Links : The growth and development of deep linking will have a major impact on the mobile advertising industry in upcoming years. Deep linking will allow mobile advertisements to link directly to the company’s web page rather than to the mobile page or app. This allows mobile ads to further engage users and give customers easier access to information about the company and purchasing options.
  2. Hyperlocal Advertising : Accuracy of location data will be an important factor that will be improved upon for mobile advertising to target customers within a specific area. This trend will allow mobile advertisements to specifically target consumers to their precise location. Hyperlocal advertising will be especially beneficial for smaller-scale, local businesses to advertise their companies to consumers that are within their local sales area.
  3. Better Metrics for Post-Click and Offline Behavior : In the next five years, mobile advertisers will be looking at improving how to understand and evaluate post-click and offline behavior. These behaviors are important to understanding and evaluating the success of mobile advertising campaigns. They can provide more detailed information than impressions and click-through rates, which is what mobile advertisers currently rely on.
  4. Widespread Programmatic Advertising : In the upcoming years, advertisers using mobile platforms will be able to advertise every ad format at scale, including video and native ads. Programmatic technology has greatly aided the scale for banner ads in mobile advertising, and is expected to grow to include videos and native advertisements on mobile formats in the future. This will greatly improve efficiency in the way that mobile ads can identify and connect with target consumers.
  5. One-Click Purchasing and Tap-To-Buy Ads : This anticipated feature will allow consumers viewing a mobile ad to buy with one click, instead of the current standard of being prompted through several pages. Once deep linking has been made available for all mobile ads, one-click purchasing and tap-to-buy ads will be possible. Instant purchasing will greatly change the atmosphere for mobile buying and will make the buying process for the consumer simple and hassle-free.

It’s important to be aware of these trends, as they will be making headlines within the mobile advertising industry in the very near future. Keep an eye out for these changes in the upcoming years!


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