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Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

The following are reasons why your business should have a blog and the advantages that a blog can bring to your company and brand.

Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Posted Wednesday April 01st, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

The benefits from writing a few short 300-500 word blog posts each week can have a bigger impact than most businesses realize. What may be seen as a tedious task can actually be a fun and creative way to supply information to potential customers and demonstrate what your company knows. The following are reasons why your business should have a blogand the advantages that a blog can bring to your company and brand.

  • Keeping an updated blog for your business helps to position your brand in the eyes of customers. Demonstrating your knowledge and skills on specific topics and trends will make readers identify your business as an authority in the industry. Having a blog is a marketing tactic that allows your business to create trust and provide advice for potential customers. It also allows your business to identify what the company does, what they know about the industry they work in, and how they achieve their results.
  • A blog can aid in driving traffic to your business’ website . Blog posts help to attract new users to a company’s website through a variety of different ways. A business can post a link to its blog posts on all of it’s social media platforms, such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , LinkedIn , and Instagram . This gives the reader access to information on the company and allows them to share the link as well. Providing inbound links in the blog piece itself also helps guide readers to your business’ website. Providing blog links gives readers an opportunity to click through to your website and learn more about your company.
  • A blog also increases your company’s SEO . Using relevant keywords and topics related to your business, industry, product/service, and target consumer lifestyle increases the likelihood of your blog showing up in search engines such as Google . The more you blog, the more your key search words will increase. These key search words are the words and phrases you want to be associated with your company. As you continue to blog, it is important to continuing using the same keywords so that these associations will continue to be made across search engines.
  • Lastly, your company’s blog can help to develop a better relationship with your customers . A blog can demonstrate both the business side and personal side of your company. Opening up to customers about the inner workings of your business can help to deepen the connection between your business and your customers. Blog posts can also help answer customer questions and provide insights into industry-specific topics. Customers are able to learn about your business from the comfort of their own home and reply with feedback, questions, or comments, which you can respond to and build interaction directly with the client.

Here at GEM, blogging is very important to us. All members of our team write blog pieces that reflect our vastly different views, knowledge, and experiences. It is important to us to provide a way for customers to learn about our company, both the business side and personal side, and how we apply our knowledge to our work. Let us help you create and maintain your company’s blog to ensure success.


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