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8 Advertising Buzzwords to Know

The advertising industry is all about buzzwords. It’s almost impossible to avoid them, so being in-the-know is a must.

8 Advertising Buzzwords to Know

Posted Tuesday April 07th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

The advertising industry is all about buzzwords. It’s almost impossible to avoid them, so being in-the-know is a must. The following will be a guide to get you through any advertising presentation, meeting with an agency, or conversation with a marketing professional.

Let’s dip our toe in the water and start with the definition of buzzwords. A buzzword is usually a trendy phrase or word that has become popular in society or a specialized field. Now that you know the basic definition, let’s jump into some of the trendy advertising words and phrases that you should know.

Native Advertising:

Since the new year started, this is one of the biggest buzzwords being thrown around in the advertising industry. Native Advertising is paid media that is specific to the company using it, and customized for their target market. It is also called “sponsored content.” Here’s a more in-depth description of Native Advertising.


Just like Generation X was known as “The Baby Boomers,” Generation Y is becoming known as “Millennials.” If you were born between the early 1980s and 2000s, you’re a Millennial. This group of people gets their name due to the fact that they grew up using digital technologies.

Rich Media:

This is a new way to get consumers to become immersed in a companies ad. Rich media is usually a banner ad that expands when a user rolls over it. This type of media will ask the consumer to interact with the ad by playing a game or a video. The idea is to create an experience for the user.

Brand Storytelling:

A big part of advertising today is creating a brand strategy for a company. At the heart of that strategy needs to be an enticing story. Brand storytelling is simply when a brand incorporates storytelling into their campaign.


This is no longer just a term for a couple about to get married. This buzzword is used to describe the interaction of consumers with a brand or its advertising. It could be something as small as a “like” on Facebook, but will still count as an engagement.

Deep Linking:

Simply put, deep linking is when a company uses a specific page link. This means that instead of sending consumers to their homepage to find the content they desire, a company will include a link to that specific content.


What’s the point in paying for an ad if no one sees it? Viewability is when a paid ad is in a visible place and seen by people. Just another fancy word for a simple term.

Responsive Design:

The best way to describe this buzzword is to ask you to view this content on different devices. What you’ll see is that the page will respond and adapt to different devices. Cool, right?

Now that you have the knowledge, go and impress your friends and colleagues with these buzzwords!


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