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Top 3 Best and Worst Pieces of Work Advice

The following is some of the best work advice that you can be given, which can be applied to any job position or career field.

Top 3 Best and Worst Pieces of Work Advice

Posted Thursday February 19th, 2015 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Throughout your career, you will receive various types of advice concerning your job from friends, co-workers, and bosses. Some of this advice is worthwhile to adhere to, while other advice can be dangerous to follow. The following is some of the best work advicethat you can be given, which can be applied to any job position or career field.

Help others even if there is no direct benefit to yourself.By doing this, you are showcasing your dedication to aiding the company as a whole rather than only looking for your own gain and improvement. Try to make the next person down the line’s job easier. People will appreciate your help and your efforts may be reciprocated in the future.

Keep your promises.If you tell someone that you are going to complete a task, you should always follow through with that expectation. Keep in mind to not overload yourself to the point that you cannot keep your promises to others. If you are unable to finish a task you promised you would do, you may lose the trust of your boss and co-workers.

Surround yourself with positive people.Find and connect with the people in your office that are passionate about their work and are innovative towards solving solutions. Learn what skills make them successful and integrate that into your own work ethic. Do not bring yourself down by working with unkind and cold people who may stifle your performance and workplace environment.

That was some of the best advice, and now here is some of the worst. It is likely you will hear this advice throughout your career, but it is important to understand why it may not be the best to follow.

Your quantity of networking is most important.People may tell you to network with as many people as you can to gain access to the most opportunities. However, the quality of your networking is more important than quantity. It is key to maintain strong relationships with key members of your network rather than be connected to many people who you do not know that well.

Be the first one in and the last one out.Studies show that being a “workaholic” can actually be a detriment to your work performance as well as your health. It is important to be focused and hard-working while at work, but also to leave time to enjoy your hobbies and spend a healthy amount of time outside of the office.

The paycheck is all that matters.When you are passionate about your job and the work that you are doing, your performance and focus are likely to be higher. You will enjoy coming into the office instead of dreading it. Even if you are making a significant amount of money, it is equally important to be interested in what you are doing as it benefits both you and the company.

Submitted by: Jorie McCleod


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