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Intern Chronicles: How to Be Successful From Start to Finish

The following are six key tips for interns to follow at any company in order to be successful from start to finish.

Intern Chronicles: How to Be Successful From Start to Finish

Posted Wednesday February 11th, 2015 in Fun + Personal.

The Intern Chronicles:

The Internship Survival Guide

The duration of most internships range from eight to twelve weeks. Within these weeks, interns have the ability to make something of themselves, truly showcasing their abilities and talents in a real-world experience. The following are six key tips for interns to follow at any company in order to be successful from start to finish.

1.) Strive for success in all of your work.No matter what task is given to you, it is important to do it well. This ranges from getting coffee to completing a project for your boss. Interns start at the bottom, receiving menial tasks. Know your place within the company and gain the trust of your boss and co-workers during your first weeks to show you are capable of anything and everything.

2.) Always ask questions.Make sure to ask questions if you are unsure about a project assignment. Don’t guess your way through a project and create the possibility that you completed it incorrectly. If more questions arise, continue to ask them. You won’t be penalized for making sure something is done correctly.

3.) Act professional.Dress how the rest of the office dresses. Always be on-time to the office and to meetings. Complete your tasks in a timely manner and always before the deadline. Refrain from texting or going on social media while at your internship; this shows professionalism and that your focus is solely on your job.

4.) Make yourself available.Always be willing to go the extra mile. When you find yourself having idle time, ask your boss if there is anything you can do to help. Offer help to your co-workers as well, especially during times of high workload. This demonstrates your eagerness to work hard and contribute to the company.

5.) Accept criticism.Ask for feedback throughout the duration of your internship to understand how you are doing from your boss’ perspective. This feedback can include criticism on your performance. It is important to remember that your boss is not insulting you with criticism, but rather trying to help you improve. Take criticism in stride and learn from your mistakes.

6.) Express your future plans.If you are interested in continuing at the company, share your interest and goals with your boss to see if there are any opportunities for you to continue on with the team. If you are not interested in continuing on, it is still important to leave on a good note. Ask your boss if you can use them as a reference and/or for a letter of recommendation. Always leave the door open for future networking possibilities.

Overall, the most important thing to do at an internship is to work hard. Never complain and always show up to work with a smile on your face. In most cases, an internship is the first step towards the rest of your career. Making a lasting, positive impression on your boss and co-workers can ensure future success in your career field.

Submitted by: Jorie McCleod


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