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Radio Shack to Customers: Let's Do It Together

Radio Shack to Customers: Let’s Do It Together

Radio Shack to Customers: Let's Do It Together

Posted Wednesday April 02nd, 2014 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Finally, a real campaign.

It’s always shocking how many brands have so many good things to say, but say none of them. Finally, Radio Shack seems to have woken up, thanks to the work being done by Austin, TX based GSD&M.

With the new campaign, ‘Let’s Do It Together,’ Radio Shack is acknowledging that the people who come to ‘Play’ with technology (as their last branding attempt indicated) tend to go to Best Buy. Instead, Radio Shack is an entirely different animal; it’s the place where people come for expertise.

According to Scott Brewer, group creative director at GSD&M, “In the [physical] retail world, there are not a whole lot of places left where you can go in with an idea and work with somebody to make that idea come to life.” I’m not entirely sure that’s true, especially when you consider PC Richard and Son, Best Buy, its Geek Squad, and numerous other local players available to solve technical problems on any given day.

However, even without the ‘extensive research’ that Radio Shack accomplished to reach its grand idea, any person off the street would have answered the following question in the same way: “When it comes to an obscure technological solution to the hardware you use in your home or office, what company would you turn to?”

Unilaterally, whenever we ourselves have an obscure hardware issue, or whenever we’re looking for a rare technical part, we turn to Radio Shack. Why? Because they’re NOT Best Buy; they’re not big-box, they’re not a department store, and they’re not too busy to help us solve the problem at hand. 9 times out of 10, they have what we’re looking for, and we don’t have to search for an employee to work with. And, when they can’t help you, they point you in the right direction.

As Radio Shack CMO Jennifer Warrenhas pointed out, “our true differentiation [is] our people.” What GSD&M is doing, with charming alacrity, is reminding every brand that it’s always about the people. We trust the people – behind the brand – to guide us in our decision-making, no matter what the brand represents.

So, kudos to the new campaign, and may it bring luck to an ailing business. Welcome to DIT – Let’s revive this brand together.


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