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Innovation: It's a mindset

Innovation; it’s not only reserved for the big brands like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Innovation: It's a mindset

Posted Monday April 14th, 2014 by in Creativity + Art.

Innovation; it’s not only reserved for the big brands like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Our lives are permeated by the myriad of continuous innovations that touch almost every aspect of how we live, learn, socialize, play, communicate and work. From electricity to cars and smartphones to social media, our life here on planet earth has evolved from the dark ages to the digital revolution in a meteoric eruption of new technologies, which have disrupted the way of communicating, engaging and doing business.

What’s important to understand about innovation is – it’s not only reserved for the big brands like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Innovation is an achievement. Regular start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs (companies like GEM Advertising and yours) can integrate into every aspect, system and process of building their brands.

Although innovation is typically viewed as an outcome or successful destination, it is also the key ingredient to be incorporated and stitched into every system and process your company has in place (or is currently building).

How do we achieve innovation? It begins with the people we build our teams with. We look for those who are excited and willing to expand upon what they know, using their current level of expertise in conjunction with pioneering technology to try new ways of putting things together. We also encourage our different departments to share and engage regularly about current projects, repetitive tasks or those “massive upcoming initiatives” on the horizon. Allowing employees from different departments to cross-pollinate ideas regarding how technology best elevates their performance and job functionality is critical to establishing and encouraging an innovative environment.

From building groundbreaking teams to establishing the best tools for CRM (customer relationship management), the growth of our fledgling brands come with crucial innovation. Innovation becomes that pair of “Google glasses” we put on each day in building our companies. It serves as the backbone of each custom-tailored campaign created on behalf of our clients. Innovation is what sets GEM Advertising apart from the pack. Think “GEM” for a new, innovative strategy that will develop and foster your business development.


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