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7 Myths About Creativity

The following are 7 myths about creativity that you need to stop believing.

7 Myths About Creativity

Posted Monday February 09th, 2015 by in Creativity + Art.

Looking around the office, you can probably spot the creatives a mile away. They usually have an eclectic fashion sense, prefer to work alone, hate rules, and have a different outlook on life. Well, what if I told you that the “eclectic creative” doesn’t actually exist? The stereotypical creative is just a figment. An assistant professor of management at Oral Roberts University has written a book about the ten different myths that surround creativity called, “The Myths of Creativity: The Truths About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas.” The following are 7 myths about creativity that you need to stop believing.

7. Can I Get Your Expert Opinion?
Companies will gather their team of experts, when a problem arises, and depend on them to come up with creative ideas. Instead, they should have an outside source look at the problem in order to get a different perspective.

6. Light Bulb
Another common belief is that creative people constantly have those “ah-ha” moments. But these moments can happen to anyone and are not flashes of inspiration. Usually, these ideas come from previous ideas that have had a chance to linger, and eventually transform, in the subconscious mind. Once a person connects the dots, they have a moment of realization and out comes the “ah-ha” idea.

5. “Can’t Be Tamed”
Another stereotype of creative people is that they hate constraints. However, research shows that creativity loves constraints. By applying limits, it causes employees to think “outside the box” and find creative ways around the limits.

4. Private Property
A common misconception is that ideas are property. A creative idea is intangible and cannot be claimed by one person, especially because new data shows evidence that new ideas are a combination of older ideas.

3. 90% Chance of Brainstorms
Companies are constantly telling its employees how important brainstorming is in order to inspire creativity. However, it is better to have employees work alone and come up with ideas, and then let them get together to try to build off those.

2. I Work Alone
One of the most common myths that surrounds creativity is that creative people need to work alone. Ideas can originate from one person, but it is often a team that comes together to improve it and transform it from concept to reality.

1. “Born This Way”
The creative myth that is older than time itself is that you’re either born creative or you’re not. This is anything but true. Creativity is not a generic trait that can be inherited at birth, it is something that you achieve by working at it. Anyone can be creative if they work hard enough.


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