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GEM: Be Brilliant

As GEMites, we work as a team with the guidance of several important values... At the center of our mantra is our tagline, “Be Brilliant.”

GEM: Be Brilliant

Posted Tuesday March 24th, 2015 by in Analysis + Strategy.

When one thinks of a GEM, some key words that immediately come to mind are cut, color, clarity, shine, and brilliance. As GEMites, we work as a team with the guidance of several important values. At the center of our mantra is our tagline,“ Be Brilliant.

In pursuit of brilliance, we act along our three pillars: Passion, Clarity and Integrity. We bring passion and clarity to each project because we are a team made up of passionate thinkers who value honesty and work ethic above all else. From great passion and integrity comes great clarity, and from great clarity comes brilliant marketing solutions that resonate with the target market. Among the greatest strengths of GEM Advertising is its ability to distill a brand down to its greatest value proposition, and then build entire campaigns around that singular identity for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Our clientsare fully aware that our tagline is not simply metaphorical. The idea of brilliance impacts everything we do, every interaction we have, and every decision we make. We use brilliance to guide our strategic thinking, our decision-making, and ultimately, our entire creative process. Being brilliant means taking into account every perspective; understanding the repercussions of each message; thinking holistically, in a 360-degree way. What could be better? Then, what could be even better than that?

Those are the questions that guide us. When we’re finished, we want our clients’ brands to shine. GEMs are brilliant, and our workreflects that identity. We are a different kind of agency. We do not settle; we push boundaries. We come up with big ideas and do not sleep until we have figured out how to bring them to life. We use a close-knit collaborative force of multifaceted talent to our advantage in knowing that when enough creative minds are put together, great ideas do not slip through the cracks.


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