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Alphabet Soup: E is for Experience

Everyday we experience so many different thoughts, emotions, & feelings. Each day also offers us other opportunities.

Alphabet Soup: E is for Experience

Posted Wednesday February 04th, 2015 by in Creativity + Art.

Everyday we experience so many different thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Each day also offers us the opportunity to develop our skills and build our knowledge. The accumulation of these skills and knowledge in any particular area creates our experience platform. It is from this platform that we need begin to build our businesses and launch our careers.

Too many times people are looking around to figure out what they want to do. “Where can I make big money?” “What can I do that will be successful right from the start?” “How can I work little but make big bucks?” The truth is 99% of the time we can’t………sorry! The meteoric rise to fame, the sudden wealth, just doesn’t happen all that often. That’s why it is SO news worthy when it does occur.

So, where should we look to find the answer? How about looking at ourselves. Combing back through our lives, our interests, our hobbies, our talents, our skills and schooling. We all have experience! There is some quality so unique to each and every one of us. Sharing that special quality with the world will prove to be rewarding, not only for ourselves, but to the world we bring it to.

Experience is the key! We look for everywhere. Everyday! It is an expectation. An unspoken demand actually. Do you want to see a doctor with no experience? Fly on a plane with an inexperienced pilot? I think not. It is the number one question when we ask when a candidate runs for office.

If we expect it from others, then shouldn’t we ask the same from ourselves?

Your experience is the key to unlocking the door to success. With some effort it grows easier. You’ll see!


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