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Quotable Information

Quotable Information

Quotable Information

Posted Friday September 05th, 2014 by in Creativity + Art.

Give those inspirational quotes the containers they deserve.


You can’t measure the greatness of an inspiring quote from a dead poet with a ruler – yet, so many designers frame these words with characters that belong on a blueprint! It downright irks me when I see this practice; so many use the incorrect characters when creating quotes in their designs. In reality, the marks often used are inch marks and not quotes; they’re often called smart quotes. For one reason or another, it takes an extra step on our Macs and PC’s to display the correct characters. To get a better grasp on these marks, please see here.

The typeface designers like Claude Garamond and Frederic Goudy knew what they were doing when they tirelessly crafted each character. I am quite sure they would both be rolling over in their graves when they see things like the following.



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