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Clever Creative: Making the Holidays Meaningful

Hobby Lobby’s holiday spot debut is centered around the true meaning of the season that is so often forgotten.

Clever Creative: Making the Holidays Meaningful

Posted Tuesday December 11th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

The beginning of the holiday season brings about many feelings of nostalgia, childhood whimsy and of course, stress. It seems that everyone is always in a rush to get places and check things off their to-do list rather than taking the time to enjoy the holidays. Hobby Lobby’s holiday spot debut is centered around the true meaning of the season that is so often forgotten. Take a look at one of the spots:

The Journey

From the very beginning, the spot puts the viewer into the main character’s world. The sky is dark and gloomy, and the landscape is barren, all of which evoke feelings of their own. Soon it becomes clear that the girl is on an important mission, and by this time, we are along for the ride.

Unwrapping the Deeper Meaning

It isn’t until the the heart-(and sheep-) warming twist at the end that we see the true message of the spot. The concept of putting the needs of others before yourself is important to keep in mind all year round, and this ad does a great job of offering a gentle reminder to act more selflessly. Perhaps one of the reasons this ad is so effective is because it shows the girl completing a selfless act for a sheep rather than another person. This allows people to simply feel inspired by the ad rather than guilty for putting their needs before the needs of others. Presenting the message in this non-verbal way also allows people the chance to be creative with how they want to give back rather than limiting their ideas of what they can do by showing something specific.

What We Make of the Title

“Christmas is what you make it™️ ” is great wordplay and can be interpreted many different ways. The holiday season has become very commercial, but we all have the choice to make it whatever we want it to be. Some people may want to make it about the love and appreciation they have for their friends and family, while others may enjoy the sales and gifts. Still others will choose to make it about giving to others. There is no right way to celebrate the holiday, but this spot reminds you to keep your own happiness in mind and be aware that your actions have an impact on others.

Emotions Not Words

The company, Hobby Lobby, is only revealed at the end, and it’s then that the viewer realizes that the spot has been showcasing products all along. Perhaps Hobby Lobby did not want to act selfishly and make the ad all about themselves. Perhaps their marketing agency, The Richards Group, is focusing on the fact that people’s buying journey is often based in emotions and authenticity sells. And what’s more authentic than a young child’s innocence and generocity?

To see the full spot, click here.

To see another spot in the campaign, “Christmas Card,” click here.

Written by Madison Borden during her Fall 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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