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Clever Creative: An Explosive Marketing Campaign

For the 30th anniversary of "Die Hard," 20th Century Fox brings out the big guns to settle the “is it or isn’t it” argument for good.

Clever Creative: An Explosive Marketing Campaign

Posted Friday December 21st, 2018 by in Creativity + Art.

It’s the age-old holiday question: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie or not?

No matter how you feel about it, there’s no arguing that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of “Die Hard." In celebration, 20th Century Fox has brought out the big guns in an updated promotion to settle the “is it or isn’t it” argument for good.

Take a look:

Social Media Listening for the Win

If you still think that “Die Hard” isn’t a holiday movie, then your argument is invalid as it is clearly “The Greatest Christmas Story” ever told. But we’re not here to discuss that. What we really want to talk about is how 20th Century Fox took a pop culture phenomena, the genre debate, and turned it into an engaging campaign.

First, they listened. Social media listening is an invaluable tool for companies to discover what consumers are saying about their product and then use that intelligence to help shape their future marketing campaigns. In addition to just listening, it’s very important for companies to answer questions that are circulating about their product, especially if those questions have gone unanswered for decades. In this case, 20th Century Fox has checked off both boxes, which surely gets them on the advertising industry’s “nice” list.

Second, 20th Century Fox no doubt noticed that Google Trends shows a correlation of the search terms “Die Hard” and “Christmas” every December. And of course, we all know how important data-driven campaign initiatives are.

So now, regarding this creative implementation of marketing best practices, we say, “Yippie-Ki-Yay,” 20th Century Fox!

If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for our next installment of Clever Creative!


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