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​Clever Creative: Eli Manning Outshines Tom Brady in the Super Bowl

Even though the Giants didn’t make the playoffs, that did not stop QB, E. Manning, & star wide receiver, O. Beckham, from putting on a show.

​Clever Creative: Eli Manning Outshines Tom Brady in the Super Bowl

Posted Friday February 09th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

Even though the Giants didn’t make the playoffs, that did not stop Quarterback, Eli Manning, and star wide receiver, Odell Beckham, from putting on (what some might say is) the most impressive Super Bowl performance of their NFL careers.

A Dance for the Danceless

It appears that Eli Manning is yet again competing against his older brother, Peyton Manning, only this time it’s not a battle of the quarterbacks, it’s a battle of their commercial acts. While Eli’s hidden intentions may have been to cast a shadow over Nick Foles, or to suggest to Tom Brady that he could never win a superbowl that the Giants participate in, this was a creative and hilarious commercial.

The commercial opens with Eli Manning asking Odell Beckham, “You wanna work on that thing?” Beckham replies with an encouraging, “Yeah, Lets do it!” At this point it seems like Manning is referring to a new red-zone route, however, Eli’s true intentions soon become clear. After a successful touchdown pass Beckham throws down the football and while it spins in the grass the song “Time of My Life” begins to play. Then as Manning and Beckham meet each other for a celebratory high five the dynamic duo break out in dance in attempts of recreating the memorable scene from “Dirty Dancing.” As the coach watches from the side line you can see his face build with frustration, but when he attempts to interfere Giant’s safety, Landon Collins, assures the coach, “Just let them dance.” After Manning wraps up his breath taking solo he signals for Beckham as he leaps into Manning’s arms. Manning holds him high in the air just as Patrick Swayze did to Jennifer Grey. Finally, the commercial ends with a slow motion view of Beckham in the air and the phrase “To all the touchdowns to come.”

All jokes aside, this is a pivotal commercial for the NFL as they have been at the center of a great deal of controversy focusing around the protests by players and viewers alike. This commercial adds some levity towards these issues and shows the NFL as a playful and fun organization, which hasn’t been the attribution in recent years. While the protests continue and many people still hold opposing views this commercial was an attempt by the NFL to unite its fans and to toast “To all the touchdowns to come.”

And at GEM, Giants fans or not, we think with this ad, the NFL definitely scored.

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Written by Dane Christiansen, during his Spring 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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