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Clever Creative: A “Voiceless” Ad that Speaks Volumes

The Super Bowl. The anticipation is mounting, the teasers are out, and everyone is wondering who will be #1 this year.

Clever Creative: A “Voiceless” Ad that Speaks Volumes

Posted Sunday February 04th, 2018 by in Creativity + Art.

One of the most wonderful times of the year is coming: The Super Bowl.

The anticipation is mounting, the teasers are out, and everyone is wondering who will be #1 this year. Soon we'll be sitting on the edges of our seats; devouring beers, hot wings and all sorts of football-shaped snacks; and keeping our eyes glued to the television. Some of us may even watch the game.

The average cost of airing a single 30-second Super Bowl ad this year is about $5 million. An overachiever in many ways, Amazon has lined up 90 seconds for their spot “Alexa Loses Her Voice,” created by their internal creative team, D1, and creative shop, Lucky Generals. Check it out here:

A Sound Campaign

Let’s face it: Amazon doesn’t need to do much product awareness for its Echo, but we’re really glad they did. This ad is just plain fun. The first time you see it is the best because it comes with the anticipation of which star is going to appear next — and what a cast it is! The spot even features Amazon’s own Jeff Bezos and what some GEMites suspect is an emotional-support peacock. (Okay, probably not, but at least they’re not screaming.)

All kidding aside, the ad is a creative way of conveying just how versatile the Echo’s use is. And from scene to scene, that’s a message we hear loud and clear.

Hidden Tech in a Spot for Technology

If you have an Echo, you know that once Alexa hears her name, she perks up and is quick to answer. Or course, its creators are well aware of this too, and they’ve developed a clever way to keep your Alexa from turning on every time she’s mentioned on television. Although that scenario could be amusing as well …

What do you think of Amazon’s Echo Super Bowl ad? Which is your favorite part? Let us know in the comments on our social media pages!

If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for next week’s instalment of Clever Creative!


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