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Alphabet Soup: F is for Find

Life’s journey is filled with discovery. Through learning, investigating, & experimentation we come to know so many important things.

Alphabet Soup: F is for Find

Posted Thursday February 26th, 2015 by in Creativity + Art.

Life’s journey is filled with discovery. Through learning, investigating, and experimentation we come to know so many important things about ourselves, and the world in which we live. Although we are born into given families, we will come to find those people who touch are lives so very deeply. Many call those people friends. I prefer to call them “chose family.”

Like a great hunt for an elusive treasure chest, we must search to find the life we are meant to live. We deserve to find happiness. We want to find love. We long to find acceptance. We need to find the passion that will carve out the path to our future. A future that should come to see us touch many lives, attain self fulfillment, and actualize our unique and individual potentials.

Finding success in your career and business can be daunting. A road filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Through combining the ingredients of commitment, direction, and experience, we create our formula for navigating the map. We search to find our purpose, just like the main characters do in “Avenue Q”, the Tony ward winning Broadway show.

The starting line begins where we find that special skill or product that we know will make the lives of people, or customers, better. We shall find the most talented people, employees and teams, who will come along for the ride, sharing their great gifts unconditionally with egos in check. Some stops along the way will be necessary to find cash. To find supplies. To build relationships. Finding the places where we will welcome customers takes planning. And it takes time.

When we find what we love to do, we will also discovery that work isn’t actually work at all. There is no finish line! And that the real “treasure chest” lives inside each and every one of us.

We have found ourselves! Thus, we have arrived!!


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