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Alphabet Soup: C is for Communication

We live in a time when communication has never been more available, advanced, or accessible.

Alphabet Soup: C is for Communication

Posted Monday September 29th, 2014 by in Creativity + Art.

We live in a time when communication has never been more available, advanced, or accessible. We have phones, web platforms, mobile apps, video conferencing, and an endless sea of choices to reach out and touch someone. These current tools are in addition to the traditional forms of written and oral communication that were the “revolutions” of our parents and grandparents lives.

So, do we really have more to say to one another? And do we communicate more effectively? The means of exchange are sophisticated, but are we taking advantage of these playing fields in way that heightens honesty, integrity, and transparency?

If we remove all the platforms of exchange between us, it comes down to people. The social network sites are great big cyber train stations that allow us to connect with people. Our messages need to be clear and filled with meaningful content that has some information or the ability to change the lives of the people decoding it on the receiving end. We should be exchanging the same ideas, values, beliefs, knowledge, and intelligence that we would do, if we were standing face to face. No hiding behind emails while behaving poorly and inappropriately. No mixed messages. One should not approach twitter or any other platform with this shouting in the dark mentality.

Express yourself effectively! Remember everything we do communicates who we are and how we feel; our eyes, our body language, clothes, our voice, and non verbal expressions. Communicate who you are, what you think, how you feel, the important things you know. Do it well! You are represented by all of the ways you communicate. And in the ways you fail to do so!!

Treat all people and communications in the way you, in turn, expect to be treated.

And for heaven’s sake answer all your emails! Ok…..maybe NOT spam!!

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