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Alphabet Soup: B is for Boldness

Alphabet Soup: B is for Boldness

Alphabet Soup: B is for Boldness

Posted Monday August 25th, 2014 by in Creativity + Art.

It is with boldness that we must venture into the risky waters of a business venture, or any other venture for that matter. We need to presume that the potential successes outweigh the inherent risks and unknown dangers that may lurk on the road ahead. There is no sticking your toe in the water here. We must go boldly, tossing fear and doubt aside. To achieve greatness, we will risk rejection.

When I think of boldness, a vision of the young, seemingly vulnerable, Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” comes to mind. She was young. She was a victim. But boy was she bold. She faced strange people and places with courage and confidence. Sure she shook in her shoes, as we will all do in business, but there was this quiet, cool confidence. She knew where she needed to get, and she got there! She followed an unknown road as a teenage girl in the 1930’s, picking up strange characters along the way. Now that’s boldness. She confronted, and defeated, witches, wizards, and the wilderness. Now that’s boldness with a capital B.

Boldness asks us to get off the path, step into the unknown, blazing our own trail. Can you be that pioneer?

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