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Advertising: Back To Basics

Advertising: Back To Basics

Advertising: Back To Basics

Posted Monday March 17th, 2014 in Analysis + Strategy.

Recently, GEM was tasked with presenting to a group of high-level executives.  The topic was simple: What is the state of advertising now, and where is it going?

Here, I wish only to address the state of advertising now, because its answer will demonstrate more clearly where it is going.

In short, the methodology of everything we do here at GEM, in both branding and in advertising, is contained in three parts:

1. Humans Tell Stories
History = His Story. It’s the way we’re meant to remember, and learn how to behave.
2. Emotion Is King
People make decisions based on emotion, NOT on logic.
3. Decisions Are Made From Memory
If a prospective customer can’t remember you, s/he can’t purchase from you.

Taglines, copy, and full campaigns must stem from these three roots.  If that was ever true historically it’s definitely true now, in a time when digital space makes for immediacy, clutter, and shortened attention spans.

Now, more than ever, we have to tell stories that stick and resonate.  So, let every marketing meeting begin like newspapers have for centuries:

“So, what’s the story?”


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