Press Release Drafting

Determining whether news is news-worthy is a large part of our public relations planning. Our PR and Creative + Strategy departments design and redesign stories in order to match what's important to media outlets. Furthermore, we use client stories to frame current events and societal changes in order to increase the odds of broad coverage, both domestically and internationally.

Overwhelm with Positivity

Our copy department both revamps current stories and creates new stories in order to appeal to media gatekeepers and increase the odds of getting distribution. Then, we use a combination of PR distribution technologies and personal pitch strategies to maximize each and every press release. Finally, we don't limit press releases to typical "client news;" instead, we redefine what "news" is, and employ a positive-drip method in the media by raising the frequency of releases. Altogether, we "overwhelm with positivity," which not only leads to media traction, but also lends well to SEO efforts.

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