Crisis Management

Public relations starts with what happens before the spotlight hits your brand, and that’s where GEM begins its PR work. Before designing effective crisis management plans, we develop close media relations that allow for a drip-method of positive news over a consistent period of time. However, before life happens, we engineer crisis management plans that take into account all available resources and relationships. Thus, when the unexpected occurs, we’re prepared to steer the conversation back to a positive position.

A Bottom-Up Approach

Your internal teams should be as much a part of crisis management as your C-suite. That's why we design talking points that can be used at multiple levels within your organization, and ensure that a plan is in place to instruct who, when, what, and why, when it comes to communicating with the media. Finally, our PR team stays with you every step of the way to navigate crises as they unfold, and to help strategize around every potential outcome.

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