Growth Experience Model Quiz

Aggressive growth takes organizational management, strategic planning, and executive alignment. We use our Growth Experience Model to get all constituencies in sync across the organization - including executives, managers, employees and customers. To find out if you're ready to streamline your brand communications and experience growth, take our short survey and learn more about what the Growth Experience Model will do for your organization.

Are all of your constituencies (customers, vendors, partners, employees, executives) aligned with the mission, vision and values of your brand?

Have you analyzed the brand sentiments of your customers within the past three years?

Are all of your colleagues at the executive level in agreement about the strategic direction of your brand for the next five years?

If you asked your colleagues at the executive level what your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is, would they all say the same thing?

Does your brand communicate an authentic message in its inbound (employee-facing) and outbound (customer-facing) communications?

Would you describe your brand as having silos in its operations?

Is your brand prepared for the demographic and psychographic market shifts that are occurring?

Is your marketing an authentic representation of your current product or service mix?

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