Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis

The Story

After ten years with its current branding, the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis (OEEC) in the Archdiocese of Hartford was ready to change its current tagline, "Education for a lifetime."

GEM's mission was to develop a new tagline and brand positioning statement that would serve OEEC for the next ten years, and accompany that tagline with a new website, social media marketing, content marketing, public relations plans and more, to help promote awareness for Catholic Schools.

Logo & Tagline

Browse GEM's logo design work for OEEC:

GEM went to work dissecting the unique value proposition of Catholic Schools versus other scholastic options in the State of Connecticut. Through many rounds of external focus group testing and internal feedback, we developed a tagline that could satisfy all constituents:

"Inspiring Faith, Knowledge and Community"

The idea of inspiration is the cornerstone of the tagline, as Catholic Schools fulfill their mission to inspire students every day. The three pillars of inspiration — faith, knowledge and community — helped create a brand promise to parents: that their children would not only learn academically, but also that they would be part of an integrated community that would support and nurture them in their most formative years.

Work With Us

Browse GEM's branding design work for OEEC:

Website Development and Management

GEM completely redesigned the OEEC website to modern, responsive standards using vivid images and strong copy based on OEEC’s unique value proposition. Given the high amount of tablet and mobile usage among the target market, GEM developed a fully-responsive website that serves all screen sizes with one web interface.

With the customer-facing part of the website complete, GEM went to work designing a back-end content management system (CMS) so that the OEEC staff could log in and securely change content as they needed. This unique system also allowed schools to log in and upload important census data, and the CMS was designed to generate helpful reports to help the OEEC get the data they needed to manage their schools.

Social Media and Content Marketing

With this new website hub, GEM's copy and design departments began producing blog content to serve the website and social media marketing. The blogs included helpful information like homework tips, holiday explanations, Catholic tenets, nutrition guidelines for lunches, and a wide variety of other instructional content to be used by teachers, parents, administrators and the community at large.

Over time, these blogs have generated massive traffic to the website and have helped the community share information in an unprecedented way, both online and offline.

Work With Us

Public Relations and Crisis Communications

For almost half a decade, GEM has provided ongoing social media management, new school branding and collateral, content marketing and more for the OEEC.

In recent years, GEM has been proud to help the OEEC team communicate with their constituents during difficult school mergers and closings. The key to our work is that we honestly, clearly and consistently inspire a sense of community among the parents, teachers, clergy, administrators and students — so that together, your community can pull together for the greater good.

Part of what makes for an effective communications strategy overall is to have a communications system, including a consistent email and social media marketing schedule that helps you consistently communicate with your community. Designing and implementing this kind of system is what GEM excels at for its Catholic education and Archdiocesan clients.

Take a virtual tour of GEM's redesign of the East Shoreline Catholic Academy:

GEM can help you grow your community by sharing your story.

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