The Story

In Spring of 2014, GEM was tasked by partner agency The Boost Group with producing a video that would explain the USP of a new client: iMotivate.

iMotivate™ has advanced a world-championship-level player-performance improvement system and has translated it from the sports world to the business world.

The platform improves employee engagement and effectiveness; increases productivity, job satisfaction, and retention; reinforces goal alignment; and enhances unity.

iMotivate is easy for management to implement and easy for employees to use. With iMotivate, employees take ownership of their own performance improvement.


GEM’s award-winning Film and Television Department went to work on a graphic video that would clearly highlight the USP of iMotivate using bright colors, bold design elements and simple animations that took viewers on a journey through the SaaS’s methodology for motivating employees.

The video is part of a broader brand strategy that is being implemented throughout the year, so stay tuned for updates for this exciting brand!

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