Grenadier Homes

The Story

Grenadier Homes Model Home

Grenadier Homes is a custom homebuilder with over 30 years of experience in the Dallas Metroplex. Along with its beautiful, personalized homes, Grenadier also pioneered the design and construction of Attached Townhomes in master-planned communities. The owners of Grenadier recognized that these cost-efficient, custom options would be the way of the future — the perfect starter home for a young couple and the perfect right-sizing option for retirees.

The Challenge

With these two target markets in mind, GEM went to work redeveloping Grenadier’s brand, collateral, website and ad strategy. First, it conducted a brand audit and revamped the way that Grenadier presents itself to the world. One of the brand’s challenges was that Grenadier is a homebuilder that had truly thought of everything — including design, quality of construction, value per square foot and of course, the outstanding lifestyle that master-planned communities provide to Grenadier’s customers.

While all of those benefits are great for customers, they had made it difficult for Grenadier to become known in the market for having one memorable USP. To solve this, GEM designed a new brand architecture that aligned Grenadier Homes with its greatest strength, as the builder that had truly planned for everything a buyer would want in a new home.


In line with that strategy, GEM created a new tagline:

Grenadier Homes: Planned for Life
Grenadier Homes Brand Guideline

Under this new tagline, GEM created a clear brand guideline that shows customers at a glance what Grenadier stands for among its competitors. Visually, GEM separated Grenadier’s strengths into layers that spoke to the individual desires of certain buyers — including the lifestyle offered by master-planned communities; Grenadier’s dedication to universal design; the value of energy efficiency, and the high quality of construction throughout.

Finally, GEM highlighted Grenadier’s incredible brand story, built on the founders’ friendship and partnership that began in childhood, making this relationship the literal and figurative foundation of the brand.

Design and Collateral

With this new brand architecture in place, GEM went to work building out sales collateral and designing the most innovative sales gallery in the luxury homebuilding space. Rather than simply placing photos on walls as most builders do, Grenadier’s sales gallery was transformed into a walking tour experience, in which visitors walk through each one of Grenadier’s brand promises as they learn about its story and home products.

On the advertising front, GEM built a brand new website that restructured all of the content into logical, SEO-friendly layouts and pages. The site would act as a portfolio of products, while also serving as lead generation funnels for Grenadier’s growing list of communities.


With the site built, GEM launched the first digital ad campaign to drive real estate agents and prospects to the grand opening of Grenadier’s new model homes in the Windsong Ranch community. Throughout the month-long launch, GEM’s digital and native ads produced over a million impressions. Website visits shot up by over 160%, and open house attendance broke every prior Grenadier record: Real estate agent attendance — the main drivers of new home sales — rose 200%, while direct homebuyer attendance rose by 150%.

Finally, along with increased sales efforts across all the major communities, the primary growth metric — new home sales — increased by an average of 200% over the first 8 weeks.

With those results in hand, Grenadier’s brand is planned for life … and primed for significant growth.

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