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Why You Need a Communications Partner (Instead of Another Ad Agency)

Most ad agencies will fail as long term partners over time.

Why You Need a Communications Partner (Instead of Another Ad Agency)

Posted Wednesday October 14th, 2015 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Your company is not unlike any other. In fact, every company has the same overarching goals: sell more products and services to grow the bottom line. And, we all know that if you aren’t growing, you’re shrinking – losing share to competitors.

So, where are the differences?

Your difference is in the howhow your brand goes about telling its stories, engaging audiences, creating emotional connections, and answering the why.

Why do business with us over any of our competitors?

In order to accomplish those differentiating initiatives, a brand can elect to organize a strategy and execute those objectives internally, using current in-house technology and human resources. Or, it can select an outside strategic partner for growth.

Note that an outside partner will be able to see you from angles not possible from inside the organization; a massive advantage when creating messaging intended for external audiences.

Notice, I've said: you can opt to select a strategic partner for growth, and not, you can opt to select an ad agency.

So, what's the difference?

Well, everything! For starters, let’s understand that how companies define themselves underscores every action and decision that they undertake. In other words, we are what we focus on being, and ultimately we become what we envision for ourselves as organizations.

Thus, an ad agency is focused on providing and selling its services as solutions for specific product launches and brand initiatives. While ad agencies can, and will, take a look at the brand and/or initiatives from an outside angle (which is a great thing), most will fail as long term partners over time because they are focused on selling their services sooner than later. Remember, it all goes back to the definition – in this case, an organization based on selling advertisements.

A communications partner, by contrast, is going to start by taking a thorough look "under the hood" of the company, to see what's really going on and to assess what strategies can be implemented to ensure that the brand is going to remain alive, healthy and growing for the long, continuous journey ahead.

A strategic partner for growth is going to recommend services based upon long term goals and objectives, including where your brand's dollars will most effectively and efficiently be allocated. A great communications partner is going to offer solutions, strategies and a well-positioned team that feels, behaves and performs like "the marrying kind."

That is, after all, the definition of a true partnership: committed for life.


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