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What Women's Equality Day Means for Millennials

For millennials and Gen Z, it's easy to forget that the world wasn't always as equal as it is today.

What Women's Equality Day Means for Millennials

Posted Friday August 26th, 2016 by in Analysis + Strategy.

For millennials and Gen Z, it's easy to forget that the world wasn't always as equal as it is today. Yes, we still have a long way to go in many respects; but, the truth is that many young people regard inequality as a chapter in a history book, because it simply isn't a time in their past that they can actually remember. That's why it's so critical for young people to take notice of days like Women's Equality Day, to remind us not only how far we've come, but also how far we still have yet to go.

Despite the news, I positively believe that we are a less hateful people than we've ever been. Acceptance is now a widespread and oft-discussed concept, with real, attributable actions associated with those conversations. Sure, there are outliers in our society, but all in all we young folks are an accepting bunch. It would be easy for us to get lulled into thinking that improvement comes of its own accord over time, but I argue that now is perhaps the most critical time in sustaining our societal movement towards tolerance, acceptance and equality. If millennials and Gen Z don't improve upon the hard work of equality pioneers of the 20th century, we can't hope to improve our society into the 21st.

That's why, on Women's Equality Day, I want to remind everyone - young and old - that we still have a responsibility to push even harder for true equality among all people. This movement isn't a part of the past, and it's not an automatic result of our "evolving" society; rather, it is a torch that has now been passed to us, and we have a ways to run before we get to where we need to go.

Happy Women's Equality Day, and thank you to generations past who have pioneered for the benefit of all. Now, it's our turn.


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