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What is GEM’s Growth Experience Model℠?

There has never been a more interesting time in the marketing industry, thanks to the internet.

What is GEM’s Growth Experience Model℠?

Posted Monday June 20th, 2016 by in Company + News.

There has never been a more interesting time in the marketing industry. Communications have changed forever, thanks to the internet. In a newly-transparent business world, consumers are more intelligent than ever. Couple a suspicion of marketing with a deluge of ad messages, and a perfect storm emerges that forever changes the way we marketers must reach and convert our audiences.

Aggressive growth is the key to our work at GEM. To engineer what we call a unicorn brand, we must rely on two elements: authenticity and experience. Authenticity guarantees a brand with staying power, since the truth is more powerful than any fly-by-night marketing message could ever be. Brand experiences are the only way in which humans can recall and emotionally connect to a brand, given the intense marketing pressures of today’s omnimedia world.

From these insights and from many decades of entrepreneurial growth experience, the GEM Team built the Growth Experience ModelSM, which is our proven model for growing client brands. It is based on the insight that — in today’s transparent economy — authentic brand experiences make for the most impactful communications strategies, which in turn produce aggressive growth.

Using the Growth Experience ModelSM, we take our partner brands through three phases:

1. Discovery

  • Vision: We see the greatest potential for our clients,and we want to make sure you see it too. After all, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. In this step, we assess who you are, where you are, and where you’re going. Next, we begin to reverse-engineer the growth process to achieve that potential.
  • Analysis: To accomplish the vision, we analyze the sentiments and experiences of every constituency that affects the brand, from customers through to management. We also perform an in-depth competitive analysis along with a study of current industry and market factors.

2. Planning

  • Position: We use those data-based insights to unlock new value for the client, by unearthing the unparalleled assets inherent in the company.
  • Experience: Then, we compose a robust Communications Plan, using our expertise and insights from the diverse verticals that we serve. In the Plan, we use authentic brand experiences as the basis for creative development and execution.

3. Performance

  • Execution: When it comes time to implement our aggressive growth strategy, we use market wisdom and experience to develop the targeted mix of traditional and digital communications that reach the right audiences with the most relevant messages.
  • Partnership: In the end, because we marry the brands we work with, we go beyond expectations as a strategic partner for growth, which is central to the long-term effectiveness of the Growth Experience ModelSM.

GEM has used the model in over 30 industries from its four offices in North America. When your brand is ready to experience growth, get in touch to see how the model will work for you.

Check out our ROI Snapshot below to see how the Growth Experience ModelSM has helped our clients:

GEM_PROSPECTUSpg2 copy.jpg


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