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Volkswagen: Jump on the Wagon Today!

VW’s does a great job showing Americans all the vehicles that they have to offer while getting us excited for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Volkswagen: Jump on the Wagon Today!

Posted Thursday July 05th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

Volkswagen’s new campaign does a great job showing Americans all the vehicles that they have to offer while getting us excited for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. “Jump on the Wagon” by Deutsch encourages United States soccer fans to become bandwagon fans and root for one of the top teams in this year’s FIFA World Cup, as this is the first time USA didn’t qualify since 1986. Some true American soccer fans might not love these advertisements at first, but this is a great way to catch viewers’ eyes and endorse Volkswagen.

See for yourself!

Jetta Belgium

Jetta Germany

Tiguan Brazil

Atlas Iceland

What’s Wrong with Jumping on the Bandwagon?

“Jumping on the Bandwagon” has been a huge trend on social media over the last couple of years, but its origin dates back much further than the golden age of technology. And while the concept usually has a negative connotation, VW seeks to use it to their advantage by encouraging people to support a team that has a history of success as well as an automotive company (Volkswagen) with a history of success.

Which Wagon is right for you?

There has been yet another drop in sales in new cars in the US in recent years, so Volkswagen has kicked off this very creative way to drive their American sales up: using foreign people and small, seemingly unrelated reminders of what of what each country offers, to endorse a their cars. This amusingly analogy of Americans rooting for other countries and Americans buying their cars is well played. On the surface, it may seem like Volkswagen is asking you to “Jump on the wagon” to support another team this year, but they are also asking you to jump back on the wagon and once again support Volkswagen.

What do you think of this campaign? Who have you been rooting for? Let us know on our social media pages.

If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for next week’s instalment of Clever Creative!

Written by Paul Malafronte, during his Summer 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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