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The Creative Space

The Creative Space

The Creative Space

Posted Tuesday May 20th, 2014 in Creativity + Art.

“You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.” Henry Rollins

It’s no coincidence that advertising agencies tend to have the most innovative work environments. In fact, it’s fast becoming an industry standard. Face it – creative minds thrive within creative environments. This is something that can truly influence the success of an agency, as the ability to think both industriously and outside of the box can provide agencies with a competitive edge. However, it is with this in mind while looking at the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple – we see that Ad Agencies are not the onlyindustry that can benefit from this.

Here are five top tips on staying creative in the workplace:

1. Individuality is key.
Adapt your work environment to reflect your own personality. The best ideas are bound to come while artistically liberated.

2. Stay organized.
Whether your work station is incredibly structured or organized chaos, put a system in place that works best for you. Just make sure that if someone has to step into your shoes for a day, they can do so without being repulsed by their surroundings.

3. Frequent breaks.
When plodding through ongoing projects, it is important to take frequent breaks to avoid burning out. You’ll be surprised how these breaks give you a fresh perspective and inspire innovative ideas.

4. Casual Conversation.
Some of the best creative sessions come from sharing life experiences and observations. Don’t be afraid to draw on these in your daily discussions. Yes, you may wander off topic now and then, but it’s this openness that allows you to flourish as an individual.

5. Team bonding.
Whether it’s a few drinks after work, hiking a local trial, or attending an exercise class, it’s helpful to develop a bond with co-workers that exists outside of the office walls.

Here at GEM, we encourage creativity in many different ways. To experience how a creative environment will benefit your brand, take frequent breaks and strike up a casual conversation with us at 1-844-GEM-TEAM.


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