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The Brand Experience

The Brand Experience

The Brand Experience

Posted Wednesday April 30th, 2014 in Analysis + Strategy.

Experiential advertising isn’t a new concept, but the viral opportunities in social media have made it a hot method for today’s large brands.

If we take a look at TNT’s ‘ Push to Add Drama‘ campaign, or Red Bull’s ‘ Stratos‘ campaign, they each offer the same trade-off to the consumer: “we’ll give you entertainment if you give your attention to our brand.”

Entertainment is the cornerstone of all types of viral media, and with good reason. Consumers aren’t going to share something you want them to share; they’re going to share something they want to share, and/or something they think their friends want to share.

Great ad campaigns are uniting experiential entertainment with traditional and digital advertising to make for a potent, unified outcome. The formula is in fact simple: invent an experience that captures your brand’s essence, and in one fell swoop capture live, experiential, viral, digital, and traditional elements of a campaign. The outcome: you’re a cool provider of entertainment instead of a boring advertiser.

GoPro is a prime example of this trend – instead of a camera company that makes cool entertainment, they are an entertainment company that makes cameras. This is an important shift in status for today’s consumer population that is very weary of push-marketing strategies. Selling your product to me isn’t cool, but showing me something cool is cool. The product is – and should be – only the extension of the feeling.

While some brands are adding experiential components to a campaign, we believe that campaigns should be the experience. There is no better way to offer an authentic brand to the potential customer base than to offer them the authentic story first, and the product second.

As advertisers are learning, this isn’t just philosophy – it’s the only viable option to create dedicated audiences. If you don’t believe me, just ask a modest Canadian brand called WestJet.

GEM offers campaigns that provide entertainment to the consumer in exchange for brand attention. To bridge this gap between consumers and your brand, contact us today.


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