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On the Web, Way Less is Way More

Here's why your next website should be clean, clear, uncluttered and simple.

On the Web, Way Less is Way More

Posted Wednesday November 04th, 2015 by in Trends + Technology.

If your organization is contemplating a new web presence, start with a blank, white sheet of paper. With that, you're halfway there. If you believe that 'less is more,' consider that, when it comes to the web, way less is way more.

Here's why your next website should be clean, clear, uncluttered and simple:

1. The web is cluttered already. A user on the web today is bombarded with options: text, images, buttons, videos, tabs, etc. When a user lands on your website, there should be an extremely easy path between the homepage and the intended call to action. Too many options lead to paralysis.

2. You probably only want your visitors to do one thing. Although you may want visitors to read your blog, view your services, and admire your design, you probably only really want them to do one thing - get in touch and become a client. To that end, keeping your site simple and to the point (and encouraging people to get in touch and become a client) should be paramount. Everything on your site should be designed to guide visitors to that one outcome.

3. Time is of the essence. Text has given way to image-based formatting (can you say, 'infographic?'), which means your site must convey its purpose at a glance. You have mere seconds to convince a visitor to stay, and a confusing array of information in today's streamlined digital world will absolutely deter a visitor. By contrast, analyze each one of your pages and ensure it has an ad-like quality, with one clear headline, a few clear branch options, and a strong call to action.

For some inspiration, here are a few sites that do 'less' well:

Wren Laboratories

EDI Institute

CT Sinus Center

So, for your next redesign, consider that on the web, way less is way more.


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