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Marché Du Film Festival de Cannes

Marché Du Film Festival de Cannes

Marché Du Film Festival de Cannes

Posted Monday June 09th, 2014 by in Creativity + Art.

The 2014 Cannes International Film Festival recently wrapped on another decadent late May among the film industry’s elite. I had the honor of attending this event a few years ago, and I can confidently say that it was one of the most surreal experiences of my lifetime.

Cannes is a place where appearances count. From its immaculate seafront hotels, exclusive beaches, glamorous mega-yachts and designer boutiques, Cannes is (in many ways) the definition of success and pure fantasy. I visited Cannes a few years back and can honestly say that it is nothing short of a magical experience. Walking the seashore hugging promenade (La Croisette) revealed the most epic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Lerins Islands (off the coast), and the Esterel mountain range in the distance; I can still feel the warmth from the summer sun on my face. It is no doubt a great destination, however the heartbeat of this mecca and my personal intrigue are drawn towards the Festival De Cannes.

The Festival de Cannes is one of the world’s most prestigious and influential film festivals. Celebrities, filmmakers and journalists alike descend on the town each year to honor selected films, along with the artists who created them. However, the festival is much more than just a showcase filled with parties and awards. It is viewed by the industry as a major networking opportunity to make important contacts and close big movie deals.

This behind-the-scenes networking event is known as the Marche Du Film, or the “film market”. This is where major marketing, networking, and (most importantly) the buying/selling of pictures all take place during the festival. According to the Marche du Film’s Web site, it is the world’s most important venue for upcoming films to be sold. For any Entourage fans out there, you’ll recall the finale of Season 4 depicting an inside look of exactly how important this event truly is.

Having a stage for independent filmmakers to showcase their work and the ability to find funding/backing by a studio or investor is invaluable. Making the right connections could literally launch a film onto the world stage. There are very few festivals that have the ability to provide opportunities like those provided at Cannes. It’s a festival based upon tradition with a rich history that stems over 65 years.

As a filmmaker, it’d be an absolute dream come true to have my work featured at Cannes. To have all of my ideas, efforts and aspirations culminate on the world’s most important stage would be an honor unlike any I’ll ever receive. If you’d like to watch your brand’s ideas, efforts and aspirations grow into an outstanding campaign, contact GEMfor your ticket to a bigger stage.


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