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KoalaTest Webseries


KoalaTest Webseries

Posted Wednesday December 04th, 2013 in Analysis + Strategy.

What do the second largest independent software testing company in the world and a koala bear have in common?

More than you might think.

As we turn into the holiday homestretch, downtown New Haven will see a flurry of actors and actresses descend on Orange Street for the filming of a three-part mini-series directed by GEM Advertising’s Creative Director, Alex Winter. The web videos were designed for QualiTest, a worldwide software testing firm with offices on five continents.

The series features a new character; Quintin, the software-testing koala bear from Down Under. The creative brief was simple: ‘create a Big Bang in PR that would put QualiTest on the RFP short list when it comes to large scale software testing bids.’ To answer the brief, Peter Cavrell, Principal at The Boost Group, partnered with GEM’s creative and production team to come up with the homonymic ‘KoalaTest,’ as a fun salute to the company’s real brand, QualiTest.

“The koala bear gave us an interesting opportunity to be memorable and shareable,” said GEM’s Chief Strategy Officer Peter Kozodoy. “The bear can be funny, lude, crude, and act with immunity in regards to many traditional spokesperson standards, but at the same time it can embody the positive attributes of QualiTest like speed, expertise, and results-based outcomes.”

“The idea of using a Koala to connect QualiTest to its diverse array of clients truly opens a door of endless possibilities,” said Winter. “We wanted to widen the scope and reach of the campaign to all audiences through humor, relatability, and a little ‘crazy,’ in an industry that’s typically very serious.”

Virality was one of the foremost challenges in the campaign. To produce a shareable series, the crew knew that a traditional approach would fall flat. Instead, Quintin will sleep with his female interviewer, host software breaking competitions in the middle of the workday, and play his didgeridoo whenever he damn well pleases all because his work is done, and done well. QualiTest hopes that the videos will bring a smile to the CTOs and CIOs across the US, who will see Quintin as a character who bridges the gap between traditional computer geek and Aussie bad-ass.

The series is set to launch on January 1st, 2014, in conjunction with a display ad campaign, a landing page, and several social media platforms where visitors can interact with Quintin.

About QualiTest:

QualiTest Group is the world’s second largest independent QA and testing company offering Quality Assurance and Software Testing services. Our software testing company is committed to improving quality by providing superior QA solutions to customers and partners worldwide as well as advancing QA and testing methodologies. Through our 1,400 software testing professionals and our 14 Offices, we provide a variety of services to a broad portfolio of clients that include large and small organizations and global Fortune 500 companies. We have a strong presence in the USA, Europe, Israel and Asia. QualiTest serves a wide variety of markets, including aerospace & defense, government, insurance, telecom and many others.


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