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How Social Media Marketing is Just Like Live Networking

Find out how digital marketing is just like good ol’ fashioned face time.

How Social Media Marketing is Just Like Live Networking

Posted Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 by in Analysis + Strategy.

Although you might classify social media marketing as very different from face-to-face networking events, those two marketing methods are in fact extraordinarily similar. After all, the operative word is 'social!' Here is a handy chart that will help you see how digital marketing is just like good ol’ fashioned face time.

Live Networking

Social Media Marketing

Attend lots of events to meet lots of different folks

Use a wide variety of platforms to reach lots of different folks

Come prepared with expert opinions

Put your expertise into a variety of content

Share your expertise in a fun and engaging way

Don’t just sell your product; produce exciting content

Make eye contact

Engage viewers online with interesting, expert topics

Share your business card

Make sure your content is ‘sponsored by’ your brand

Follow-up with prospects

Capture leads through analytics and follow up with them by email or phone

In the digital world, your brand is the networker. Ask yourself, ‘if my brand were a person, what would it say? With whom would it be friends? Where would it enjoy lunch? How would it communicate?’ The answers to those questions get at what we marketers call a brand persona, which is the human description of your brand.

Just like your audience has a demographic profile, your brand has a profile as well. To discover yours, hold a few key brainstorming sessions with your top team members to develop a brand story that relates your brand to the world. This profile should guide all social media communications - from tone of copy, to type of content, to distribution channels, to response strategies.


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