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Glad Bag Flies for the First Time

Clorox’s Glad bag holds up to the test of travel acting as airline luggage

Glad Bag Flies for the First Time

Posted Thursday March 22nd, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

I can’t decide which I hate more: taking out the trash or dealing with the airport baggage claim. Well, this new advertisement for Glad, a Clorox brand, combines both of my least favorite chores in order to create publicity for its trash bags. In “The Toughest Trash Bag,” part of the “Torture Tests” campaign, FCB Chicago and one brave traveler put put a Glad ForceFlex trash bag to the ultimate test, proving its strength and durability.

See how they did it:

Never Been so Glad to Wait at the Baggage Claim

This Glad bag took a trip across the United States to see if it could handle the test of travel! Instead of trying to convince us that Glad is more durable than other leading trash bag brands, they brought us along for the ride to show us the not-so-glamorous way the garbage bag can be put to the test outside of the kitchen.

This ad will really take you on a journey, keeping you engaged and guessing up until you reach the baggage claim — a familiar feeling to those of us who have flown. As we take an inside look at what happens to our suitcases while we’re waiting in the long security lines and hoping we get the window seat, our worries become justified. And what we see make it even harder to believe that a plastic bag could make it through the trip without tears or rips.

Watchout, Luggage Companies

This “Torture Test” helped Glad show that their bags can endure just about anything, so your average household waste shouldn't be a problem at all. It also takes some pressure off us for when we travel. Need an extra suitcase? Buy some Glad ForceFlex bags instead. FCB Chicago did an exceptional job getting across the heavy duty positioning, while entertaining audiences everywhere with this fly new approach.

Written by Caroline Zimmer, during her Spring 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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