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GEM: A Mining Town

GEM: A Mining Town

GEM: A Mining Town

Posted Friday February 14th, 2014 in Company + News.

One thing we knew from the start was that our culture wouldn’t come from shared process, but from shared intrinsic values.  We look for sparks – the type you feel when you meet a lifelong friend for the first time, or the type you feel when you meet a soulmate – and then we try to understand where that spark comes from.  Leadership? Confidence? Attitude? Hopefully all of the above, and more.

Recently we had a late-night conversation about the fight-or-flight dichotomy that exists within all of us, and it was quickly apparent that one of the traits that we value in our team is Fight.  When faced with a problem, we fight through, fight for a solution. It’s just one thing that binds us – one of those previously unknown sparks that has suddenly become a known cornerstone – but it’s one more cultural norm that we can use to increase our effectiveness as an agency.

However, our mantra, our core, is that we produce and polish GEMs.  Like a town of miners, we trundle to work every morning in pursuit of a perfect, shiny result.  But what we’re most proud of is that our ‘result’ is not limited only to client work, but extends to our personal lives and personal development as well.  We value personal growth just as much as we value client results, and our culture of personal development directly affects the creativity and productivity we employ for our family of clients.

As we grow we are looking for talent; but more importantly we’re looking for our next lifelong friends, drinking buddies, basketball teammates and creative partners.  Come work in the mines with us.  We’ll have a lantern ready for you.


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