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The Digital Revolution

We’re at the very beginning of something incredible. The digital revolution will change everything as we know it.

The Digital Revolution

Posted Wednesday September 10th, 2014 by in Trends + Technology.

We’re at the very beginning of something incredible. The digital revolution will change everything as we know it. We are only now beginning to grasp the magnitude of the changes we have in store. From how we interact with people on a daily basis to how stores and organizations conduct their operations, the internet already plays a large role in what’s happening now, and what will happen tomorrow.

Yesterday, Kodak employed over ten thousand employees. Today, online photo sharing companies like Instagram have the tools and infrastructure to deliver goods and services on a global scale with a significantly smaller team. Modern organizations are much leaner, constantly leveraging technology to improve their operations.

This isn’t just about smartphones and the internet. Other devices are entering the mix, as previously nonviable products like unmanned aerial vehicles are now getting attention from a lot of organizations looking to improve and create new business.

Right now, we stand at the very beginning of a massive transition towards automating enterprise and business – the business side of the digital revolution. Think of the series Mad Men. Right after the war, factories wanted to produce, so advertising was really pushed into action to boost demand. Right now, companies are looking to tap into the digital economy (over a billion connected devices) and trim fat off their bottom line with tailored digital business solutions. In the end, I’m just trying to compare myself to Don Draper (minus the character flaws)! All jokes aside, even 5 years from now, it won’t be so strange to see even small operations have robust technologies that assist them, or even perform their daily tasks. However, it will be completely unheard of to see any corporate client without an internal IT department or a digital agency (like us!) on retainer.

Today, people in digital societies consume digital media on a daily basis. However, the digital divide is still as real as ever, despite developing economies and emerging markets closing that gap. Digital societies are continuing to diverge on an economic, and cultural level from those that are yet to have the ability to support widespread digital media consumption. There is no simple answer to this.

In its young lifespan, the internet has quickly become the most important accomplishment of the human race. Nothing has changed the lives of so many people on such a fundamental level in such a short period of time (agriculture is a close second). News can travel instantly, and we can connect with people in ways that were previously impossible. If anything is going to unify the world, the internet has the highest chance of success.

Tomorrow is bright.


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