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Clever Creative: Stock and Awe

What better way to promote a program for artists and creative-types than using art?

Clever Creative: Stock and Awe

Posted Wednesday June 29th, 2016 by in Creativity + Art.

This week’s Clever Creative blog takes stock of Adobe’s newest ad campaign, Make a Masterpiece, which promotes the capabilities of their Adobe Stock program. On their webpage, you can explore four different recreations of famous lost works of art that have been made entirely from Adobe Stock. Some of these famous works include: Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, which was stolen in 1990; Caravaggio’s Saint Matthew and the Angel, which was destroyed in 1945 during WWII; Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Table, which was lost in transit in 1955; and Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Cathedral Towering over a Town, which was burned during a fire in 1931. All of these lost masterpieces were masterfully brought back to life by four digital artists who used only Adobe Stock.

Why our GEMites liked this clever creative:

Adobe saw that there has been a recent trend in utilizing the masterpieces of famous artists to advertise products, and they decided to join in. We love that they took the works of past artists and had today’s artists recreate them using a new medium: digital. What better way to promote a program for artists and creative-types than using art? Adobe used these old, yet new, pieces to show the capabilities of their Stock program. The ad basically says, “We have so many stock images that you could use them to recreate some of the greatest, lost masterpieces in the history of art.” We loved that they are a company making creative software and that they found a most creative way to advertise it.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

As creatives, we understand the time, work, and effort that went into these recreations, which only makes us appreciate the art, itself, more. These digital artists are true masters of their craft, and any creative should love watching them work their magic. Also, as we know, Adobe sells products to creatives, and this ad does an amazing job targeting the right people and keeping their attention with a display of exceptional and innovative skill. Everyday consumers may think the ad is cool, but won’t be rushing to the website to buy the program or find out more information on it. However, when you show the ad to any creative director or digital artist, you can bet that that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Finally, we should all love that Adobe not only promoted its products in an ingenious way, but also gave back the artworld some of the masterpieces it lost. Of course they are not the originals, but seeing them re-created to almost perfect likeness is a gift to the community at large.

Let us know what you think, and look out for next week’s installment of Clever Creatives!

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