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Clever Creative: Statistically Speaking 2.0

Spotify members beware of what you name your playlists, because, statistically speaking, they might just end up in one of these ads.

Clever Creative: Statistically Speaking 2.0

Posted Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 by in Creativity + Art.

Over two months ago we wrote a “Clever Creative” about a new campaign Spotify had launched that used consumer data in a unique and witty way. Fast forward to present day where we’ll be talking about the second installation of this campaign. We thought these ads couldn’t get any better, but they have. The second round of ads in this campaign focuses on the data they’ve gathered about the Spotify playlists that their consumers have created. Spotify members beware of what you name your playlists, because, statistically speaking, they might just end up in one of these ads.






Why our GEMites liked this Clever Creative:

Our GEMites like this ad for the same reasons we loved the first set. Once again, they use consumer data in a unique way, with ads that are bright, eye-catching and witty. However, is that enough to be considered a “Clever Creative” for a second time? No. What makes this Spotify campaign worthy of a second appearance in this blog series is the video element. The campaign continues to use outdoor media for their promotion, but they have also added a video component to their mix, which adds another level to their brilliant advertising efforts. Using videos gives the company a whole new medium to play around with and allows them to fully realize their creative concept.

Besides Spotify’s decision to add videos to their campaign, we like the videos themselves. They carry over the use of playlist consumer data into these ads by having artists that are featured in the playlists “dream” about what they would look like if acted out. So, the playlist “play this at my funeral” has the band DNCE imagining what it would look if people actually did play their upbeat “Body Moves” song at a funeral. These absurdly acted out scenes are perfect portrayals of these oddly named playlists, which only makes the ads more brilliant. Spotify took their unique use of consumer data a step further in this new set of ads that have us both laughing and hoping we don’t see something of ours in them.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

In the last few years, it seems like companies are constantly coming up with new campaigns, logos, taglines, etc. They’re continually trying to tackle the next big trend in advertising and pop culture that they rarely stick to one campaign and message for too long. In our professional opinion, that might just be the issue with ad retention in consumers. With so many companies steadily putting out new messages and campaigns, how can a consumer remember what belongs to who? Although it’s only been a little over two months since the initial launch of Spotify’s campaign, they are doing something most companies aren’t, which is sticking to a campaign for longer than two months.

We think our fellow creatives should like this ad because of that. There’s a reason companies like Nike, Maxwell House and Eggo have had such success in advertising, both in the past and present:Their messaging is consistent. Taglines like, “Just Do It;” “Good to the last drop;” and “L’Eggo my Eggo” are all part of memorable, successful campaigns that are not only still being used today by these companies, but also have also become a part of pop-culture. Of course companies need to change as technology and trends do, but we think that having consistent messaging is a major part of the success of these companies and Spotify’s current campaign.

Let us know what you think, and be on the lookout for next week’s installment of Clever Creative!

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