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Clever Creative: Sporting Change

This new, and powerful, Dove campaign is challenging the media and sporting change.

Clever Creative: Sporting Change

Posted Thursday July 28th, 2016 by in Creativity + Art.

Our “Clever Creative” for today looks at a campaign that’s sporting change in the way female athletes are portrayed in the media. In the past, Dove has been known to create viral video campaigns that evoke tears and epiphanies, with the same message every time: self-love. Their most recent campaign, however, addresses women who already love themselves, but are constantly ridiculed by the media who are leading them to question not only their appearance, but also if they have value beyond their looks. Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson has teamed up with Dove to create a campaign that takes actual quotes about female athletes from media outlets, puts them on display, and shows what kind of effect it has on those individuals. The mission of the most recent #MyBeautyMySay campaign is to open the eyes of spectators and journalists, and make them realize that they need to change how they portray women in sports. Dove wants them to focus on the performance of each female athlete, as they would with their male-counterparts, and stop criticizing their looks. The campaign involves videos, billboards in Times Square, and a social media aspect. On the campaign site, you can read the real quotes that Dove has collected from the media about female athletes, and respond to the outlet via Facebook and Twitter. The site also shows data collected by Dove on media mentions by topics including: clothes, body, beauty, age,and hair. This new interactive and powerful Dove campaign is challenging the media and sporting change.

Why our GEMites liked this clever creative:

One of the many reasons we love this ad is because of its powerful message. In today’s society it can be hard for athletes and celebrities to be confident about how they look because of the media’s never-ending onslaught of criticism. However, in Dove’s latest ad, they are boldly calling out the media outlets whose messages are destroying the esteem of these people, and we love that. Also, while many companies preach similar messages of loving yourself and the way you look and talk about how the media should stop criticizing people’s appearance and focus on the skills, but Dove is the only one taking action. They didn’t like what they saw and heard, so they collected those comments, put them on display, and gave people a chance to criticize the media for once. They are actually taking steps to change the bad habits of the media, more than any other company has before, and that’s why we love this clever creative by Dove.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

Creating an advertisement can be tough; trust us we understand the hard work and frustration that goes into doing so. However, creating a successful and cohesive integrated marketing campaign is just a whole other level of painstaking work. Yet Dove makes it seem effortless. We think our fellow creatives should love the fact that this ad has multiple levels to it, and that each part of the campaign supports the other. Their billboards contain the hashtag #MyBeautyMySay, which leads consumers to social media where they can see people responding to the media outlets. This then prompts customers to visit the website where they can also respond to news outlets via social media, learn about the effects these words have on women, and actually see the statistics on media mentions. Once they scroll through all that, they can learn about the different stories of each woman in the #MyBeautyMySay campaign, which directs them to the main site where they can also buy products. Each part of this ad works together in perfect harmony to get an empowering message out, help Dove stand out in people’s minds, and even drive people to purchase their products. This clever creative is the holy grail of integrated marketing campaigns, and that’s why our fellow creatives should love it.

Let us know what you think, and look out for next week’s installment of Clever Creatives!

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