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Clever Creative: Mom-umental Stereotypes

There’s no real guide to parenting, but plenty of people will offer their opinions. Today's "Clever Creative" tells moms to ignore them.

Clever Creative: Mom-umental Stereotypes

Posted Wednesday June 28th, 2017 by in Creativity + Art.

There’s no real guide to parenting, but plenty of people will offer their sometimes-unwanted advice on how it should be done. In today’s “Clever Creative” Yoplait is demolishing mom-umental stereotypes and encouraging moms everywhere to celebrate the way they #MomOn. The ad takes on some of the most talked-about topics like breastfeeding in public, bribing your kids to do chores, older moms and more. Check it out:

Here are some other ads from the #MomOn campaign:

Why our GEMites liked this Clever Creative:

With so many mommy blogs, parenting books and internet trolls telling you how to raise your kids, you may feel like your every decision is being judged, and that’s because most of the time it is. But people forget that the only opinion that matters, when taking care of a child, is the parent’s. We love Yoplait’s newest ad because it reminds and encourages moms to be confident in their parenting skills and ignore the naysayers. The ad’s depiction of stereotypical moms and what people think of them is spot-on.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

Over the last few years, consumer trends have been changing in the yogurt market, causing Yoplait to fall behind Chobani and Dannon. Yoplait realized they needed a new campaign that would help them regain some of their lost market share and #MomOn is just that. This new ad connects with one of the largest target markets in the industry: mothers. We think our fellow creative should like this ad because of it’s ability to be unabashed and remorseless, but relatable at the same time. Yoplait’s ad speaks to those moms who don’t care how other people think they should raise their kids, and tells them to keep on doing what they’re doing. They found the right mixture of actresses and mom stereotypes to feature and created an ad that empowers moms and their decisions.

This Yoplait ad makes their brand more approachable than other brands that may use, “Cage-free Norwegian hemp milk.” Their relatable and empowering message will hit home with a lot of moms, and hopefully convince them that they don’t need to keep buying those organic and Greek yogurts for appearances. Yoplait’s #MomOn campaign is the start to their comeback. If they stick to the relatability route, they’ll have no trouble getting moms to buy their products or regaining their top spot in market share.

Let us know what you think, and be on the lookout for next week’s installment of Clever Creative!

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