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Clever Creative: Completely Milking It

The Milk Glass™: the newest innovation in glassware that will change how you look at milk.

Clever Creative: Completely Milking It

Posted Thursday October 06th, 2016 by in Creativity + Art.

Most people stop drinking milk, on a daily basis, after a certain age, but in today’s “Clever Creative,” the Dairy Farmers of Canada will get you to change the way you consume milk forever. In this new ad, created by DDB Canada, you’ll be introduced to “the latest innovation in milk drinking,” The Milk Glass™. It’s the newest glassware marvel that will change how you look at milk and drink it. Well, at least that’s what the ad wants you to believe. The goal of the ad is to get people to drink more milk at any age, and its style is reminiscent of an ad for the introduction of a new tech product. Watch how they hilariously milk the description of The Milk Glass™ and its endless features:

Why our GEMites liked this clever creative:

Our GEMites love that this ad mimics the ones coming from tech companies in which they show the minute changes in their products, but make the biggest deal out of them. Some of the tech-savvy consumers drink in these tactics, but a lot of people think the ads can sometimes be over-the-top.

We think it was genius, and downright hilarious, that the Dairy Farmers of Canada decided to use the format for those ads for their product (on the complete opposite end of the spectrum) just to show how extravagant they are. We believe that the Dairy Farmers of Canada and DDB Canada were able to successfully take the format of an ad for tech products and use it to make a memorable ad for milk.

Why our fellow creatives should like this:

If you look back at some of our other “Clever Creative” blogs, you’ll see that we love ads that are outside of the box. However, some of the best ads that we like are some of the simplest. You can do all the advertising you want, in the most abstract way you can think of, but if it doesn’t make sense to your brand, product, or even your consumers, then what’s the point?

This ad shows that sometimes simple is better. Yes, the actor in the ad has an excessive and humourous way of describing The Milk Glass™, but when you look at the construct of the ad, you can see that it’s simple: a well-dressed man sitting next to a glass of milk is describing said glass to try and get you to drink more of the product. Their combination of transforming a tech industry ad into one for milk is ingenious, as is their ability to milk the description of the glass. The humor and simplicity combine to create a milk ad unlike any other that conveys a clear message:

“Drink more milk.”


Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Let us know what you think, and look out for next week’s installment of Clever Creatives!

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