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​Clever Creative: Approachable Art

Art is expressive. Art makes a point. Art starts conversations, although some installations are more of a conversation-starter than others.

​Clever Creative: Approachable Art

Posted Wednesday April 04th, 2018 by in Creativity + Art.

Art is expressive.

Art makes a point.

Art starts conversations, although some installations are more of a conversation-starter than others.

However, if you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of a conceptional art show, trying to find meaning in it all, you’re not alone. And while you may think that the curators at the Hammer Museum at UCLA would just brush off this type of confusion, making the “confusee” feel insecure, a new ad directed by Eric Hirshberg and produced by Hecho en 72, makes it the basis of a campaign. In this 6-minute spot, curator Aram Moshayedi walks Will Ferrell and Joel McHale through the museum exhibit “Stories of Almost Everyone,” giving them the opportunities to share their own interpretation of the works that may make the rest of us feel a little better about own grasp of art theory.

Join the tour here:

What’s the point of this ad?

Believe it or not, this campaign is a clever way to introduce the exhibition and invite folks to come in and see it. At GEM, we think it’s a great approach. Will and Joel seem to be having a great time sharing their reactions to each piece, so much so that it’s often difficult for them to keep a straight face. That’s really fun to watch and it kept our attention for the full 6 minutes. We started to imagine what we would say walking amongst the pieces and how much fun that could be. And what’s even better is that the two actors, who we respect, show us that it’s okay to not fully understand an artist’s intent and even to question what makes it a work of art at all. But then again, isn’t that starting a conversation — one that we can all feel comfortable being a part of? And isn’t that the purpose of art?

Of course the exhibit isn’t all about fun and games, and these works are legitimate pieces of contemporary art. If you are looking at a more serious glimpse into the show, here’s a behind-the-scenes look the audio guide written and narrated by Kanishk Tharoor.

What do you think? Is this the right approach for advertising an art exhibit? Does it make it more accessible or seem too foolish? Let us know on our social media pages.

If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for next week’s instalment of Clever Creative!


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