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Clever Creative: Adidas Continues Riding New Wave

In today’s fast-paced and distracting society, grabbing attention has become a top priority for companies and their marketing campaigns.

Clever Creative: Adidas Continues Riding New Wave

Posted Tuesday July 17th, 2018 in Creativity + Art.

In today’s fast-paced and distracting society, grabbing attention has become a top priority for companies and their marketing campaigns. Commercials need that “it” factor; whether it be humor, style or a celebrity presence. In this new Adidas commercial created by 72andSunny and Iconoclast, we take a look at how this creative team accomplishes their objective of preaching “Create the answer.”

The “It” factor: Making the Commercial Special

Right out of the gate, this ad is loaded with some of the most acclaimed professional athletes in the world, whom most sports fans in America recognize and respect. We see Lionel Messi, Caroline Wozniacki and Aaron Judge: a famous European soccer player, a female tennis superstar, and one of the game of baseball’s most promising young stars, respectively. Not only does this perceive Adidas as an elite athletic company, it also shows the vibrancy and diversity they’ve become known for in recent years. In addition, this new advertisement and message is narrated by popular rapper, ASAP Ferg. Right off the bat, the first 10 seconds of this trendy commercial encapsulates the attention of its broad audience around the world.

Mainstream Message: With Its Own Creative Twist

Throughout this campaign, Adidas adheres to its theme beginning with the concept and following through to the lyrics. Let’s take a look how once Adidas is right on with marketing to their target audience:

Message: Phrases such as “Let a new wave begin” and “To a world that is divided. Let the world unite” are the exact calls to action that resonate with today’s socially-conscious young adults. They also encourage authenticity, which as you know, we are a big fan of at GEM.

Lifestyle: With spotlighting famous athletes exemplifying creativity with sports in a music video-like format, this advertisement encourages people around the world to insert a creative adjustment in their lives and be their own, authentic person. In doing so, Addidas is not just presenting their product, but also a lifestyle — a marketing technique that has proven successful over and over. In fact, other than for a few glimpses at the brand logo on apparel, you might not even realize this is ad.

Promotion that Reaches for the Stars

Of course the fact that this athletic apparel and kicks campaign was released just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is no coincidence either when it comes to the campaign’s success. Nor is the company’s hope (and quite possible contractual agreement) that each star featured in the spot would share it over their own media outlets.

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If you’re looking for some clever creative of your own, feel free to contact us, and be on the lookout for next week’s instalment of Clever Creative!

Written by Mike Keinz, during his Summer 2018 internship at GEM Advertising.


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